Database Design/Development

Custom Software and Database Development with Converge Solutions Inc.: Services and Solutions

While we're happy to build specific-use databases, our preferred option is to provide systems that run all aspects of a business.

When thinking about what you'd like your database to do, think through these three primary database functions as they apply to your business. (Converge Solutions Inc. database design will handle all three within one system.)

  • data store / info hub
  • transactions / process management
  • analysis / reporting

Converge Solutions Inc. databases make easy many things that are difficult with other popular database systems:

  • multiple users, each with needs-based permissions; ability to have people in multiple locations
  • Web-based, can access from anywhere -- in today's world there's no reason you can't access your business's database from anywhere -- Check in on things while on vacation.
  • security  (logins, role-based permissions, an established platform, things that need to be encrypted are encrypted, capability to open up part of your database to customers or vendors while restricting their access to everything else)
  • capability to keep and store any type of info you need (including image graphics, Word docs, PDFs, marketing collateral, and files)
  • capability to have email triggers/alerts sent whenever certain conditions are met (to team members, to customers)
  • notes, notes, notes, notes – should be able to add notes to most everything
  • excellent awesome reporting capabilities
  • automatic off-site backup
  • ease of use / small learning curve while powerful for power user
  • database structure designed, built, maintained, and supported by experts who understand your business well  (Done right this can be MUCH less expensive than having an IT person on staff who perhaps isn't an expert and might not be able to grasp your business’s intricacies either way.)

In addition to the above, Converge Solutions Inc. databases solutions can also include:

  • dynamically generated PDFs
  • email notifications and other event "triggers"
  • public-facing websites in addition to the "back end"