Converge Solutions Inc (Converge) is a Caribbean company specializing in the use, application and integration of information and communication technology - (ICT) for the benefit of improving our customer’s business performance.

The company’s background is steeped in the telecommunications and information technology background of the founders Bernard Smith and Terrence Elliott, but built on the culture of studied and sustainable change for growth and development of the industry within which they have nurtured and participated throughout the Caribbean.  

Collectively with over forty years of experience in the telecommunication and information technology industry, Converge’s strengths emanate from our first-hand knowledge, insight and vision of the evolution of the industry across markets and within segments.

The desire to be part of the evolution of the social and economical landscape of our Caribbean and our island through ICT, together with the gifts of the ability to deliver on that change remains a large part of the motivation to create Converge Solutions Inc. 

Thus “Converge”, as we are more affectionately called was born in 2006 to provide solutions for small, medium and large businesses across vertical markets for voice communication, networking infrastructure, security, wireless communication, specialized business application with software engineering solutions, e-commerce solutions to include, website design and construction, electronic merchant accounts and payment transactional processing services.

Converge Solutions Inc are certified resellers and service partners for technology industry leaders like CISCO, AVAYA/Nortel, SANGOMA, Microsoft, Phybridge and Motorola.

Customers can outsource ICT services to our professional team and benefit from the “one-stop-shop” portfolio of services and expertise. Hardware, software, switching, routing, VOIP, messaging, e-mail management, wireless communication, Local Area Networks (LAN) Wide Area Networks (WANS) and e-commerce services for on-line  marketing and sales.