Nortel Customers Respond to Avaya Roadmap for Product Integration

Posted by Converge Solutions Inc. on Friday 21st December 2012

The International Nortel Networks Users Association (INNUA) voiced its opinion to Avaya's plan for integrating the Nortel product lines into Avaya's portfolio of communications technology solutions. The integration was announced on a webinar that hosted more than 20,000 in a virtual event.

"Today's news from Avaya offers Nortel customers the first detailed insight into the future of their current Nortel deployments," said Brad Tompkins, INNUA's President. "It's clear that Avaya intends to migrate Nortel customers to their Aura platform; but current Nortel customers will have a great deal of say in how quickly that happens."

The Avaya plan ensures shipment and support of Nortel products for an extended period of time; in some cases up to 7 years from now. Production and sales of three Nortel products will cease in six months: the Nortel Dialer, the 5300 model application server, and the CS1K communications server's "m" version. One Avaya product, Contact Center Express, will be replaced by the Nortel CC7. These four products will continue to be serviced for six more years.

Avaya's plans also include modifications to their chain of distribution. For example, value-added resellers (VARs) will be offered both Nortel and Avaya options for SMB-centric IP and unified communications suites. Future relationships with distributors will be determined by the end of March.

"The short term impact on our members will be limited. Our focus now will be to prepare them for the future," said INNUA Executive Director Victor Bohnert. "We have launched several programs to inform our members of the changes to their installation timelines and will begin developing training and educational offerings to help them prepare for the long term."

INNUA also announced several programs designed to give members a forum for voicing their opinion and engaging other members.

"Now, more than ever, Nortel - and even Avaya - customers are looking for answers" said Tompkins. "INNUA's focus will be to continue to serve as the collective voice of the customer and providing that input back into Avaya at the highest level. Global Connect 2010 will be an important piece of that mission."


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