3CX Phone System Version 11 – Service Pack 3 – Build 28392.820

Posted by Converge Solutions Inc. on Friday 21st December 2012

3CX is pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 3, build 28392.820 for 3CX Phone System 11.

In Service Pack 3, we’ve focused a great deal on making it easier for system administrators to manage and configure multiple extensions and their forwarding rules.

New Features

  • You can now edit the forwarding rules of multiple extensions simultaneously.
  • We’ve added a new Ukrainian System prompt set.
  • When a new extension is created, details can now be copied to the clipboard.
  • A new security policy check will be carried out when an extension is granted rights to access the 3CX Management Console. The PIN number must be at least 5 digits long.
  • Added SSL/TLS to Email server for Voicemail, system notifications, conference meetings, and Fax over email attachments. (If your certificate is not issued by a trusted certificate of authority, you will need to install the certificate on the 3CX Phone System server).
  • Added SSL/TLS options to 3CX Wizard so that new 3CX Phone System installations can be configured with Email SSL/TLS immediately.
  • Introduced new provisioning template for the latest firmwares of Yealink T2X (FW: X.70.0.103) and T3X (FW 3X.70.0.105) IP Phone models.
  • Fax email can now be customized from %allusersprofile%\3CX\Data\Http\Templates\FAXTemplate.txt
  • Removed automatic profile change when an extension is set to Available 2 or Out of office 2. To be used when a user is sick/business trip.

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